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Python Cable Lock Onguard 5031 GLO
Combination Lock
ABUS 670/170 Coiled Cable Lock

Armored High Security Cables here .....

ABUS Coiled Cable lock Booster 670/180

Length: 6' - 180cm
Diameter: 3/8" - 10mm

  • Light weight locking cable
  • Pre-coiled for easy storage
  • Dust cover over keyway
  • Vinyl coated to prevent scratching
  • Ideal to secure jackets, helmets, bicycles etc.

Akita 10mm Steel Cables 30FT or 15FT long

Onguard Cable 5073 

  • 10mm - 0.39" thick steel cable with loops at each end.
  • Available in 9.3m - 30.16FT and 4.6m - 15FT.
  • Vinyl covered to protect to protect your equipment from scratches.
  • Can be cinch-looped to use the full length of the steel cable.
5073 (30FT) 5080 (15FT)

OnGuard 5031 GLO

  • 185cm x 12mm - 6' x 1/2" Steel coiled cable
  • Set your own combination
  • Steel Ball Click-Combo-Gear system
  • Carry bracket for tube frame included
  • Button operated Micro light will stay on for approximately 20 seconds


OnGuard Doberman 5027 Cable Lock

Length: 6' - 185cm 
Diameter: 5/8" -15mm

  • 15mm - 5/8" heavy duty braided cable
  • 185cm - 6' length
  • Built-in lock with dust cover
  • Heavy duty vinyl coated self coiling steel cable
  • 6 plate high security key system
  • 5 keys (one illuminated)
  • Bracket for tubes 24 to 40mm included
  • Length 1.8m - 6FT


OnGuard Akita 5036 Steel Cable Lock

  • 20mm - 3/4" heavy duty braided cable
  • 5037 100cm - 3.24FT length
  • 5036 185cm - 6FT length
  • Built-in lock with dust cover
  • Heavy duty vinyl coated self coiling steel cable
  • 6 plate high security key system
  • 5 keys (one illuminated)



5036 185cm - 6FT

Masterlock Python Adjustable Cable

Available Cable Length 6FT - 1.8m
8FT - 2.4m
12FT - 3.7m
15FT - 4.6m
Cable diameter 3/8" - 10mm
  • Infinite Locking Positions- The patented lock holds the cable tight at any position
  • Application Flexibility- Interchangeable cables
  • Keyed Alike Convenience- Rekeyable cylinder
  • Flexible 3/8" (10 mm), 100% steel braided cable
  • Weather Tough- Rust resistant aluminum lock body
  • Scratch Resistant- Vinyl cable sleeve and lock body bumper 
Python Adjustable Locking Cable secures anything within its grasp. It's the only locking cable that is always the right length for your application. This exclusive, patented product holds the flexible steel cable tight at any position for infinite possibilities. 

Masterlock Python 8401 is the full size adjustable cable lock with interchangeable and different length cables (up to 15ft). Your perfect lockup solution for deal to lock up motorcycle or ATV covers (through grommets), secure luggage, riding gear, tools, ladders, garden furniture or any other household item where you want to keep, as the saying goes, the honest people honest.

Unlike it's kid brother Python 8419, the The cable can be completely removed from the housing when the lock is open. The other end of the cable slides back through the housing so you can cinch it tight before locking.

Also available.

Masterlock's new Smaller version Python Cable Lock.

Python 8419 Cable lock features a 6ft x 5/16" (8mm) steel cable.

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