Oxford Heaterz Sport 7/8" Heated Grips ! SALE !

Oxford Heaterz Sport 7/8" Heated Grips  ! SALE !
    Close Oxford Heaterz Sport 7/8" Heated Grips  ! SALE !

    Product Description

    Oxford Heated Grips are supplied complete with a 4 stage electronic controller and all plug & play connectors.
    This set is the Oxford Sport Heaterz for 7/8" - 22mm bars with the new 3 button 4 stage Oxford Controller.

    Although this is a China made product (as opposed to US made Hot Grips), if you consider how complete the package is, Oxford Heaterz maintain a high quality for a very low price,.
    The only difference between Sport and Original Heaterz is the knurled surface. Same rubber but a slightly rougher feel.
    The Oxford 3 button controller is of reasonable quality* which is why we offer these grips with upgrades** to far superior controllers like Warm & Safe's Heat-Troller or Symtec's beautiful handlebar mounted controller. Combined with the purchase of a Heated Grips set, you can upgrade the controller at a reduced price.

    Oxford Heated grips are open ended. The left side is 7/8" while the right side is about 1" inside diameter to allow for the throttle sleeve. (we do have thumb throttle ATV sets available).
    Length is about 125mm, just shy of 5". Outside diameter is about 34mm - 1-11/32"

    The Sport Oxford Heaterz package comes supplied with a super glue tube of sorts.
    However, this type of glue (cyanoacrylate based) is not heat resistant and becomes brittle over time.
    For a safer installation, use a high temperature (250 °F or higher) which you can find in most local stores like AutoZone, Napa, Wal-Mart etc..

    • Simple fit to practically all  motorcycles with 7/8" (22mm) bars
    • Minimal battery drain, up to 2 amps each grip
    • Balanced heat design made from durable yet comfortable TPR rubber
    • Electronic 4 stage controller included
    • Auto shut-off at 11.5v (with Oxford controller)
    • Great Price and 1 Year warranty

    * We think the Oxford controller is decent but over-designed. The auto shut-off function at 11.5v was probably a good idea but in reality has created many problems. A quality controller over a simple relay is a far better approach.
    ** With a controller upgrade, the Oxford controller is not supplied. You will lose some of the plug & play in the complete Oxford Heaterz package. But wiring a controller is dead simple. The end result is a much more reliable product and a cleaner and better looking installation.

    Heat Troller Dash Mount Heat Troller Velcro Mount Symtec Handlebar Controller Oxford 3 Button Controller
    Dash Mounted Heat Troller Velcro Mounted Heat Troller Symtec controller black or chrome Oxford 3 button v7 controller


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