ABUS 350 TRIGGER Alarm Disc Lock red

ABUS 350 TRIGGER Alarm Disc Lock red
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    All new Abus Trigger 350 Alarmed disc lock.

    The Abus entry level Trigger 350 Alarm brake disc lock has a well constructed forged steel body with 9.5mm -  3/8" double locking dead-bolt pin and built-in 110dB alarm powered by a CR2 Lithium Battery. This lock is intended for lighter motorcycles and scooters. The module is removable, for battery replacement, only when the lock is off the disc. Sound openings are placed on the inside to resonate against the disc. When the lock is on the disc, the stainless phillips head screw is not accessible. Abus Trigger 350 comes with a CR2 Battery pre-installed (with a pull-away activator).

    Alarm working.
    The alarm portion on this lock is not sensitive at all (as opposed to Xena Alarm locks and the Abus Detecto RS1). This could be a deal breaker for some people while others are looking for exactly that, an alarm that will only sound if the lock is attacked. A very nice touch is the ability to use this disc lock armed or not armed. Turning the key in one direction will arm the lock while in the other direction it will simply lock the pin without activating the alarm. This means also that the lock can be transported, locked on a flat bracket or rail, without sounding off.

    When the pin is locked and the key turned to ON, the lock will beep 6 short times. When someone will try to attack the lock, it will beep several times and then blast its alarm for about 15 seconds. It will then reset back to armed position.

    • Well made hardened steel lock body.
    • Double locking dead-bolt pin
    • 110dB removable alarm module
    • Long life lithium CR2 battery
    • Armed or unarmed function
    • 2 keys
    • Carry bag included
    • Retractable reminder cord included


    Total length 120mm 4-11/16"
    Width 38mm 1-1/2"
    Height 70mm 2-3/4"
    Inside throat 60mm 2-3/8"
    Pin size 9.5mm 3/8"


    EAN 4003318559723
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