Battery Doc Sport -- 12v 1.25amp Battery Charger

Battery Doc Sport -- 12v 1.25amp Battery Charger
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    Battery Doc Sport charger is a small high quality maintenance charger we have been selling for +10 years. A 1.25 amp charger for all lead acid / gel 12v cell batteries with state of the art electronic switching technology. You can leave this maintenance charger on your battery 24/7, 365 days a year. When 13.5v has been reached, Battery Doc switches to 0 amp float charge.

    This charger is 110-220v 50/60Hz compatible if you travel outside the US.

    • 12 volt, 1.25 amp, 3 stage.
    • Compact 4"W x 2 1/4" H x 1 1/2" D, weighs only 6 oz.
    • Charges and maintains batteries from 5 to 200 amp hours.
    • Maintains batteries up to 400 amp hours.
    • Can be left on your battery indefinitely without concern of overcharge.
    • Reverse polarity protection.
    • Suitable for charging of wet-cell and fully sealed lead-acid, and gel-cell batteries, plus AGM and deep cycle.
    • UL 1236: CE; TUV/GS: cUL listed. INCLUDES:
    • 1.25 amp charger with 6 foot output cable lead.
    • 6 inch AC input cable lead.
    • Three color LED charge indicator.
    • Alligator clips with 12 inch connector.
    • Ring terminals with 12 inch connector and in-line 3 amp fuse.
    • 12 volt accessory connector with 12 inch adapter for easy connection. (will fit full size automotive as well as Powerlet / BMW outlets)
    • Storage case.


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