Xena XPL69 Bullett - Stainless Padlock with built-in Alarm

Xena XPL69 Bullett - Stainless Padlock with built-in Alarm
    Close Xena XPL69 Bullett - Stainless Padlock with built-in Alarm

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    Xena XPL69Xena XPL69 is a massive stainless steel padlock with a 16mm - 7/16" U-bar (seriously, we are not kidding, this is A BIG PADLOCK). This lock is ideal to use in combination with high security chains, 16mm and up, or on a hasp with at least a 7/16" opening.

    Xena's range of Stainless Bullett Locks feature a built-in motion activated alarm system. The locks can be locked with the alarm activated or not. When moved or attacked, shock and movement sensors connected to a microprocessor trigger a 110dB alarm.

    All locking mechanism and alarm components are housed inside a removable "Bullett" unit. No tools are required: the key operates both functions and provides access for maintenance, upgrades or battery changes.

    Lock Features
    • Stainless-Steel Body
    • 16mm U-bar
    • Anti-Twist Shackle
    • 100% Corrosion Resistant
    • Fully Securable
    • Ultra Strong
    • Maximum Security Key
    Xena BullettAlarm Features
    • Bullett-Lock Alarm System
    • 110 dB Alarm
    • Key Arming
    • Shock & Movement Sensors

    Please check the dimensions on your application. Again, this is a big lock with a 5/8" - 16mm thick shackle.

    Shackle: 16mm - 5/8"
    Body width: 85mm - 3.34"
    Body hight: 68mm - 2.69"
    Inside height: 69mm - 2.72"
    Inside width: 48mm - 1.89"


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