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All Xena Alarmed Bullett locks use the same inserted lock/alarm 'Bullett' mechanism. All locks can be locked with the alarm portion Activated or Deactivated. As with all Xena Alarmed Locks, the alarm portion will sound for 15 seconds, then reset.
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Introducing the XENA Bullett
The first high-end, ultra-secure range of locks with built-in alarm system, the Bullett line is the culmination of XENA's 10 years of experience at the cutting-edge of alarmed-locks. Each XENA Bullett lock-alarm is engineered from the highest-quality 304 stainless steel for optimum strength and durability. When moved or attacked, shock and movement sensors connected to a microprocessor trigger a 110dB alarm.

Why are they called Bullett locks?
All locking mechanism and alarm components are housed inside a removable "Bullett" unit. No tools are required: the key operates both functions and provides access for maintenance, upgrades or battery changes.

Lock & alarm any vehicle, home, garage, boat or caravan
One-year battery life, corrosion-resistant materials, weatherproof electronics (thanks to silicone-gaskets and O-rings) provide trouble free service for years to come.

110dB Alarm. Each XENA disc-lock alarm and Bullett lock alarm contains a piercing 110dB alarm to warn thieves and help remind the rider to remove the lock before riding. Each alarm is powered by a battery pack fitted with an array of six LR-44 button-cell batteries.

Shock & Movement Sensor, Ready for anything. All XENA disc-lock alarms and XENA Bullett-lock alarms are equipped with a shock and motion sensor. These work independently: any metal-on-metal contact trips the shock sensor; any significant change in position trips its movement counterpart.

Stainless-steel construction for ultimate resistance. XENA locks are constructed from high-grade stainless, inert gas-hardened and chro-moly steels. Quality materials, top-notch design and rugged build-quality make XENA locks highly resistant to the elements for years of use in top condition.

Weather Proof Electronics, Built to last, whatever the weather Bullett locks are sealed with high-grade silicon gaskets that render them weather -resistant, ensuring years of trouble-free use.

Maximum Security Key & Barrel All XENA disc-locks and Bullett-locks use a key and barrel design designed and built in-house, with 250,000 possible key combinations and a pick-proof key entry.

Ice Spray Proof A common method thieves use to break locks in any security situation is an ice spray, which can render materials brittle and easier to crack. All XENA locks are designed to resist this type of attack.
Anti-Twist Shackle The shackles of all XENA Bullett padlocks and U-locks are designed to resist attempts to rotate open in either direction if one side is cut free.
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