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ABUS Bordo BIG 6000 Alarm
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    Model 6000A/120 BK SH

    The newest version Bordo, building on the 6000A/90, this lock has 8 links or bars for a total of 120cm length (47").
    ABUS classifies this lock as a security level 10.
    The lock is fitted with the ABUS Plus 6 disc cylinder which means it can be purchased keyed to any other ABUS Plus product with 6 or less discs.

    The 100 dB alarm module, with 3D positioning technology, can detect any movement to the bike or lock. When set off, the alarm will sound for 20 seconds and reset itself to ready.

    To transport the lock, the locking bar gets inserted only halfway. This secures the lock but does not activate the alarm module.
    To lock, secure the links through and around bike and immovable object and push the locking bar into the second position. This activates the alarm module.
    The module will sound when someone moves the lock or bike but will stop when the movement stops. This prevents the lock from going into full alarm mode if someone just bumps the bike.
    If movement continues, the alarm will go into full 100dB mode for 20 seconds.

    This lock can be ordered keyed alike (if multiple locks are needed with the same key) or specially keyed to a PLUS lock you already own if it has no more than 6 digits in the key code (ABUS 640, Bordo 6000 etc).
    TIP: If you want to order 2 locks keyed the same, save money and order 1 KD and one KA. We will get one lock matched up with one off the shelf lock.

    Bordo BIg 6000A comes with a frame mount bracket (SH) which can be mounted on the water bottle cage mounting points. However, because of the weight of the lock, it is highly recommended to use the supplied mounting straps as well.

    Length: 120cm - 47"
    Number of bars: 8
    Weight: 3lb 14oz (with bracket)
    Number of keys: 2

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