Heat-Troller for Heated Grips Semi Mounted

Heat-Troller for Heated Grips Semi Mounted
    Close Heat-Troller for Heated Grips Semi Mounted

    Product Description

    Heat-Troller Heated Grips or Seat controller by Warm&Safe

    Warm & Safe Heat-Trollers are true pulse-width modulating controllers, famous for their high quality and reliability.
    This is not an old-fashioned rheostat. Heat-Trollers cycle current on and off in seconds, depending on the setting you choose. They do not heat up and actually reduce amperage draw, on your electrical system, when turned down.

    SSMHG is a Single Hand-Grip Controller designed to control one zone (one set of heated grips, one heated seat etc)
    The control knob and LED are potted in a box, at the end of a 5ft extension cord. This can be attached with hook & loop or other means wherever you want on your vehicle. The actual controller is safely hidden inside the vehicle.

    Hooking up heated grips is dead simple.
    2 wires for ground and positive and 2 wires to the heated grips which are usually wired in parallel. (check with grip manufacturers manual when in doubt)

    Why using this controller or why replacing your existing controller?
    If your existing controller is a resistor (rheostat), the answer is simple. Pull that junk off your vehicle and replace it with a pulse-width modulator. Your charging system will thank you.
    Most other electronic controllers, the ones supplied with grips, seat etc, have a few fixed settings. (as in 20%, 40% etc). Not ideal when you try to control heat.
    A Warm&Safe Heat-Troller is full range adjustable from 10 to 100%

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