Gorilla 9100 Motorcycle Alarm - 2 way pager

Gorilla 9100 Motorcycle Alarm - 2 way pager
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    Product Description

    Gorilla 9100 series Motorcycle Alarm
    Gorilla Cycle Alarms are VERY EASY TO INSTALL
    Next to top notch support, this is one of the easiest alarm systems in the industry
    Basically 2 wires to the battery and ....that's all. The kit is complete with all install instructions and all necessary parts.

    The 2-way paging system Gorilla Cycle Alarm is state-of-the-art in motorcycle security. Not only does the alarm incorporate virtually every security feature to prevent theft of your motorcycle, with the 2-way pager you can monitor your cycle's security from up to 1/2 mile away. Each function and feature is clearly displayed on the pager's LED screen. The 2-way pager system is designed for the ultimate in security as well as your peace of mind.

    Alarm Features
    • Powerful 120dB Piezo 5-Tone siren
    • 2-Stage Shock Sensor
    • Motion Tilt Sensor
    • Current Sensor
    • LED Warning Light
    • Simple installation less than 30 minutes
    • Compact size fits virtually any motorcycle
    • Accepts up to 3 transmitters

    Paging Features

    • Stay in contact with your motorcycle security
    • All alarm features are displayed on pager's LED screen: Current Sensor - Tilt Sensor - Shock Sensor - Warn Away mode - Clock - Screen Lamp - Range Indicator - Power Save
      Button Lock - Pager Vibration Mode
    • Multiple Pager capability. Up to 3 pagers
    • PAGER displays alarm functions from up to 1/2 mile away
    New more compact dimension 2.75" wide x 1.5" deepMotion Tilt Sensor
    Activates the alarm when motorcycle is moved off it's side stand.

    Current Drain Sensor
    Stops hot wiring by activating the alarm when there is a current drop in the motorcycle electrical system

    Shock Sensor
    Any impact to the motorcycle will activate the alarm.
    Set the sensitivity to any of 7 different levels depending on your surroundings.

    LED Warning Light
    Indicates that your Cycle Alarm is armed and provides a visual deterrent against theft.

    Limited 2 Year Warranty & Toll Free helpline 1-800-262-6267


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