Battery Doc Rainproof 12v 2amp Battery Charger

Battery Doc Rainproof 12v 2amp Battery Charger
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    Product Description

    Battery Doctor 2 amp Smart Charger #20037 Rainproof

    Rainproof Battery Doc if your charging needs are often outside or in damp conditions. Just like the Battery Doc Sport, you can leave this 2amp charger on your battery year round.

    • 12 volt, 2 amp.
    • Sealed, water-resistant – rated IP66 Potted
    • Small and lightweight.
    • Overcharge protection.
    • Reverse polarity protection.
    • UL, cUL listed.
    • Universal AC input; 100-240 VAC; 50/60 HZ.
    • Suitable for charging of wet-cell and fully sealed lead-acid, gel-cell batteries, plus AGM and deep cycle batteries.
    • Charges and maintains batteries from 5 to 200 amp hours.
    • Maintains batteries up to 400 amp hours. INCLUDES:
    • 2 amp charger with 6 foot output cable lead.
    • 6 inch AC input cable lead.
    • Three color LED charge indicator.
    • Alligator clips with 12 inch connector.
    • Ring terminals with 12 inch connector and in-line 3 amp fuse.
    • 12 volt accessory connector with 12 inch adapter for easy connection (will fit full size automotive as well as Powerlet / BMW outlets)


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