Protector 19mm - 8.2' (2.5m) High Security Hardened Boron Steel chain

Protector 19mm - 8.2' (2.5m) High Security Hardened Boron Steel chain
    Close Protector 19mm - 8.2' (2.5m) High Security Hardened Boron Steel chain

    Product Description

    This is the famous Ultimate 3/4" - 19mm hardened boron steel Protector chain in 8.2ft - 2.5m length, made in the UK.
    Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold standard approved by Great Britain's independent Sold Secure testing house.
    Guaranteed to be bolt cut proof with any hand operated cropper, even Irwin's massive 42" monster cutter.

    Protector 19mm is the highest-approved chain available anywhere, made from high grade European raw material and put through a specific hardening process to become hard enough to resist cutters and saws yet flexible enough to withstand freeze and prying methods.

    Combined with a high security padlock like ABUS 37/80 or Mul-T-Lock C16RSP you create a security system impervious to any quick 'cut and getaway' method. In other words, bring a big enough grinder for this one and expect to spend some time making lot's of noise and sparks. Even if an enterprising thief is able to cut through all this hardened steel, he will have to cut a chain link twice.

    Package deal: We are offering this chain, combined with certain high level padlocks, at a strongly reduced price.
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    If you are looking for a combination of several chains and locks, email us at for a personalized quote.
    More information and additional lockup possibilities are shown on our Protector Chain Page

    Do I need 13, 16 or 19mm chain?
    This depends on where and what you are locking up. Keep in mind the total weight for chain and lock (see below for chain weight and any decent lock starts around 3Lbs). Due to weight and size, the 19mm Protector chain is for stationary use only, it is simply too heavy to carry around. 16mm is still very heavy and not really designed to take with you. 13mm is light (compared to 16 and 19) while still providing serious security. If you need a portable solution, stay within the 10 to 13mm range. If weight is not an issue, depending on your security needs, go between 14 and 19mm.

    What length do I need?
    The main advantage these long link Protector chains have, besides being ridiculously strong, is that any link can be interlinked anywhere in the chain (13 and 16mm chains only, not the 19mm version). This means that you can make loops at each end, working with 2 locks (or permanently attach the chain on one end), rather than looping the chain in a full circle with one lock. Less chain length is less weight and much easier to work with.

    I see 16mm chain offered from other brands, often with lock included and at a lower cost. What is the difference?
    Pretty much all other other brands on the US market use China made chain. Their steel composition and hardening process is usually mediocre at best. Look at the welding on a China made chain, then look at ours. As for included locks ... some of those included locks carry impressive names but look more like a joke to us.

    Steel thickness 19mm 3/4"
    Total weight 15.75kg 34.72lbs
    Total chain length 2.5m 8.2'
    Outside link length 138mm 5-7/16"
    Outside link width 63mm 2-1/2"
    Inside link length 100mm 3-15/16"
    Inside link width 25mm 1"

    * All of these dimensions are nominal and they can vary a little from batch to batch. If you are particularly tight in terms of the precise link dimensions or the precise length of a chain, please contact us and we will do our best to clarify from current inventory.

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