Protector 13mm 4FT Noose + SFB-DIB 260 U lock

Protector 13mm 4FT Noose + SFB-DIB 260 U lock
    Close Protector 13mm 4FT Noose + SFB-DIB 260 U lock

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    Combo package Pragmasis Protector 13mm Noose chain with SFB-DIB long U lock 

    SFB DIB-Series U-Lock (D-Lock).

    High level security and far superior to the vast majority of U locks on the market.
    The DIB Series U Lock has a true 16mm-thick double-locking hardened steel shackle that is guaranteed impossible to bolt-crop by hand(*) and is fitted with the same type of anti-pick disc-style cylinder inside as our SFB RL21 RoundLock.
    This U lock is manufactured for Pragmasis - Lockitt in Taiwan.

    Recommended for motorcycle and high-end bicycle security or similar applications. Use the U lock on its own or with the Protector 11mm/13mm/16mm chains. The compact size and modest weight mean these can be very practical for portable security as well as at home.

    • 16mm hardened steel shackle
    • Double locking crossbar
    • High security floating disc cylinder
    • 3 keys
    • Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold level approved


    Dimension DIB-260:
    Body Width: 156mm - 6.14"
    Body Thickness: 40mm - 1.57"
    Shackle Diameter: 16mm - 0.63
    Vertical Clearance: 260mm - 10.23"
    Horizontal Clearance: 87mm - 3.42"

    (* - Impossible to bolt-crop by hand with standard manual croppers up to and including the Irwin Record 42".)


    Protector 13mm - 1/2" Long Link Security Chain

    Hardened boron steel Protector chain made in the UK.
    Sold Secure Motorcycle Silver / Bicycle Gold standard approved by Great Britain's independent Sold Secure testing house.
    Highly resistant against standard and readily available bolt-cutters. It will take a massive monster cutter and a huge person to cut this chain by hand.
    A large noose ring, added to one end of the chain, allows the full length of the chain to be used between locked object and anchor-point.

    Chain Dimensions
    Link Gauge: 13mm - 0.51"
    Outside Link Length: 106mm - 4.17"
    Outside Link Width: 48mm - 1.89"
    Inside Link Clearance Length: 80mm - 3.14"
    Inside Link Clearance Width: 22mm - 0.86"


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