USB Charger with Y Splitter Adapter

USB Charger with Y Splitter Adapter
    Close USB Charger with Y Splitter Adapter

    Product Description

    1x Y Adapter SAE to 1 SAE and 1 Coax 2.5mm
    1x Battery Tender Part Number 081-0158

    With this Y cord and USB charger, you can power heated gear while charging your device at the same time.

    Note: It is generally okay to uses heated gloves on a battery tender battery harness. To power higher draw heated gear like a jacket and pants make sure the fuse in the battery tender harness is higher than the usual 5amp and the wiring is at least 16 awg. You need 10 to 15amp to power higher draw heated clothing.

    WARNING: Most battery tender harness wires are 18 awg and not suitable for high amperage. Increasing the fuse and overdrawing may result in overheating or even melting the battery harness.

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