Xena XUL 102 Bullett Stainless Alarmed U lock

Xena XUL 102 Bullett Stainless Alarmed U lock
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    Xena XUL 102 Bullett Alarmed U lock is one of the strongest mini U locks available anywhere. A full high nickel content stainless steel lock body and U bar combined with built-in shock and movement sensor 110dB alarm module and specially designed ports to attach a chain up to 16mm. The lock can be used with the alarm armed or deactivated and the alarm module is replaceable. The locking U-bar is 18mm - 11/16" and is clear vinyl covered for protection (20mm - 25/32" with vinyl cover)

    • Full stainless steel body
    • 18mm  11/16" thick U-bar
    • Ice and freeze spray tested
    • 100% corrosion resistant
    • 110dB alarm
    • Key arming - deactivating
    • Shock & movement sensors


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