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Mul-T-Lock High Security

Why you should consider Mul-T-Lock security products over other brands.
Yes, compared to hardware store level locks, these Mul-T-Lock padlocks are pricey. But for good reason. Mul-T-Lock is part of the ASA-Abloy Group and produces only highest level security products. Mul-T-Lock is all about strict key access control combined with top-level manufacturing standards.

A considerable amount of theft or illegal access happens by simply obtaining a key or a copy. Did you know that a well trained locks specialist, which a thief may or may not be, can simply look at your hardware-store cut key and guess the cut depths? The shape of the key tells him/her what brand lock it is and sometimes the key cut depth numbers are even stamped on the key. A quick picture taken of your key is really all that is needed ... but not so fast with Mul-T-Lock.

Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ key system, a proven and durable pick resistant 10 telescopic pin in pin core with dimple keys and an interactive element built-in the key.
Interactive+ keys cannot be duplicated at the hardware store and key codes are never on the key. Interactive+ cylinders can be fitted in practically any Mul-T-Lock padlock or door lock for your home or business.

Some key points to consider

  • Each Mul-T-Lock padlock comes with a code card and uniquely cut keys.
  • Providing the code card is required to obtain replacement or extra keys.
  • Padlock sets (keyed alike or master keyed) are always set to a unique key code or will be custom keyed to a key code you already have.
  • Unlike most other brands and big box stores, Mul-T-Lock does not sell hundreds, or even thousands, of keyed alike locks all with the same key. When you buy Mul-T-Lock, you are assured the next customer does not have a key to your locks. 
  • Keys are not easy to duplicate

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