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These security tips have been compiled over 30+ years experience as well as feed back from many customers. We hope they can help you save your ride.

About locking up your Motorcycle, Scooter or Bicycle

  • Use common sense when locking up any vehicle.
  • If possible, park your motorcycle in a well lit area.
  • Try avoiding taking the same route every day or park your bike in the exact same spot.
  • Use a locking device appropriate for your bike. Many people practice wishful thinking and use lightweight locks designed for bicycles or scooters. You don't use a $10 lock on a $20.000 motorcycle.
  • When locking your bike, make sure the lock is difficult to reach for the thief, and don't leave excess cable or chain on the floor. If you do, you actually provide the thief with a nice working surface.
  • If possible, lock a few motorcycles together or lock to a secure object with a high security Boron steel Protector Chain. Even in your garage, lock it to something. (see our LockDown products)
    It's common knowledge that most thieves prefer not to break locks on the spot, unless it can be done in a few seconds. Cutting locks slows them down. In fact, since most bikes are not properly locked anyway, why would they bother. Keep in mind that the one asset a would be thief does not have, is plenty of time.
  • When using a floor anchor system like the ABUS WBA100 or UK made TORC, always make sure the anchor is under your bike. If secured with a tough chain and the anchor is hard to reach, you stand a better chance.
  • Add a disc lock as your second line of defense (your built-in steering lock being first). Xena or ABUS Alarmed disc locks are excellent products.
  • Cover it up. If they can't see it they will be less drawn to it. We even have a cover with a built-in alarm.
  • Try to build as many hurdles as possible for them to take. Two locks are better than one and a combination with an alarm works even better. Keep in mind that most alarms, by itself, will not stop the thief from dragging your bike out of sight. However, a good alarm system will place the thief under a lot more pressure while trying to defeat your locks. The new Xena Zone Alarms will add some extra security to your garage, storage or trailer. more about How To Stop A Thief

About locks, Insurance, Etc

There is a huge variety of locking devices on the market. Most motorcycle locks have been manufactured and improved upon for many years. As a result, these days, we find a lot of good quality locks from a selection of manufacturers. Most are made, unfortunately enough, in China while ABUS locks are primarily made in Germany.

However, in many cases, we notice that locks being used have not been intended by the manufacturer for that specific purpose. For example, we find locks on $20.000 bikes, intended for a school locker or child's bicycle at a cost of $5 in the local hardware store. It usually takes only seconds to open such locks. A $25.00 disc lock will provide you with $25.00 worth of security.

Can locks be broken?  Sure they can. We can break any of our locks, no problem (well... some are not that easy). The issue is not whether they can be broken, the issue is the time it takes to do it. Anyone who sells locks, claiming they are unbeatable, needs a reality check. Time is the one asset a thief does not have. However, time to think and prepare is what they actually do have. Make it hard and difficult and they will move on to an easier target.

Don't rely on your insurance alone. In Europe, where theft is at a much higher level, bike theft insurance is hard to get and very expensive. By relying only on your insurance, without properly locking your bike, chances of your bike being stolen increases substantially. As a result, premiums will go up for everyone and insurance will become unaffordable for most people. IN FACT, in most cases, you will still lose money in accessories and other valuables. Replacing that bike can be a pain too, if not impossible.

About Methods and Tools

  • CONVENTIONAL TOOLS: Most better quality locks will resist leverage tools, hacksaws and small bolt cutters for a certain amount of time.
    Of course, anything man made can be broken and so there are limits to the amount of abuse a certain lock can take. Again, the time it takes is the issue.
  • POWER TOOLS: They can and will be used. However, keep in mind that this method is noisy and makes the thief very noticeable. Walking around with drills, grinders or a torch will draw some attention at least.
  • FREEZING: Although not a myth, deep-freezing of locks, with Freon, is not that easy to do. Yes, cheaper ,lower quality, locks will snap easily when made more brittle but those locks will usually be broken by conventional methods too.  Locks like ABUS Granit series are tested to withstand -40°. Freon only freezes to -20°. In addition, freon is expensive and hard to get (licensed). Again, do not leave your chain or lock on the ground. You are making it way to easy for thieves to cut them off.
  • LOCK PICKING: A lot of talk and youtube showing off. It's not that easy when the lock is on the bike and, on a higher quality lock, it usually takes too much time for the average thief.
    Yes, some people can do it and like to show off but many of those youtubers are actually faking their stuff. Locks can easily be prepared beforehand for picking and some good'ol showing off.
    If you worry about picking, stay away from tubular cylinders. Most locks these days use rotating disc cylinders or incorporate various pick prevention methods. You also have to consider that lock manufacturers constantly make changes to their locks.
    In short, a lock you see being picked could be years old and outdated and almost certianly nicely cleaned and prepared for the pickjob.
  • 4 guys and a pick-up truck. I hear this all the time at events. As if all thief's work in well organized, super equipped teams of four. Yes, bikes could be stolen that way but, as always, it's the more spectacular method that everyone talks about.  And people talk...
    In reality, a lot of thieves work alone and go about their 'job' in silence. 
    Locking up a bike can and will deter most thieves. A lot of theft involves accessories. It is much easier to drag the bike out of sight and unbolt some expensive accessories. Much easier to sell too.  

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