Heat-Troller Heated Grips Dash Mounted

Heat-Troller Heated Grips Dash Mounted
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    Product Description

    Warm & Safe Heat-Trollers are true pulse-width modulating controllers, famous for their high quality and reliability.
    Now with battery harness and relay included.

    This is not an old-fashioned rheostat.
    Heat-Trollers cycle current on and off in seconds, depending on the setting you choose. They do not heat up and actually reduce amperage draw, on your electrical system, when turned down.

    SHG is a single zone Heated Hand-Grip Controller but can be used to control a heated seat or thumb warmer as well.
    The control knob and LED are mounted on circuit board at the end of a 5ft extension so you can install it anywhere on your bike while keeping the actual controller safely hidden.

    Dash Mounted means you have to drill a small hole in a panel of your choice.
    Basically anywhere within reach while riding.
    The open circuit board is obviously not waterproof. When installed in a dry panel space, the rubber ring below the control knob is sufficient to keep all moisture out.
    If there is risk for moisture to come in, simply pack the circuit board with dielectric grease.

    Hooking up heated grips is dead simple.
    2 wires for ground and positive and 2 wires to the heated grips which are usually wired in parallel. (check with grip manufacturers manual when in doubt)

    Warm & Safe Heat-Trollers are a great alternative for the many unreliable
    Chinese made controllers usually supplied with heated grips.

    Dimensions: 1.5" x 2.25" x .85" or 38 mm x 57 mm x 21.5 mm

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