Shed Shackle wall anchor for wood and studded walls

Shed Shackle wall anchor for wood and studded walls
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    Product Description

    UK made Shed Shackle is a great alternative when solid concrete floors or brick walls are not available. Often when you have bicycles, high value equipment or even a motorcycle stored in a wooden or metal shed, finding or creating a good security anchor point is a problem. The Shed Shackle is modular and can adapt to many configurations. When installed, it will actually improve the strength of sometimes flimsy shed walls.

    Shed Shackle is made from 30mm (1-3/16") wide by 5mm (3/16") steel bar with a wider 58mm (2-9/32") x 4mm (5/32") hardened steel center anchor section. 3 sections are 420mm (16.5") long and one short side brace is 160mm (6.3") long. This allows the anchor to be installed over a large surface but in any pattern you need.

    Shed Shackle is supplied standard with 8 steel carriage bolts in 80mm (3.15"), 130mm (5.12") or 150mm (5.9") long. The provided break-away shear nuts will snap when tightened leaving only a secure conical shaped nut with no way to grab.

    Shed Shackle is large enough to accept a Protector 13mm and 11mm chain at the same time.

    This high quality product has been awarded UK Police approval under the ACPO Secured-by-Design scheme. It is the only Police-approved shed anchor on the UK market and now available in the US exclusively at

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