Squire SS50 Stronghold Combination Padlock

Squire SS50 Stronghold Combination Padlock
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    Product Description

    Squire SS50 Combination Padlock with 5 dial reset-able code.
    Full machined steel lock body with Boron Steel hardened shackle.

    Shackle Diameter: 10mm - 0.40"
    Body Width: 55mm - 2.16"
    Horizontal Clearance: 22mm - 0.86"
    Vertical Clearance: 25mm - 1"

    The combination is set by opening the lock which pulls the dials-unit up.
    A combination change tool* is supplied with the lock. With the lock open and dials-unit up, move the dials to the desired combination.
    Drop the dials-unit and close the lock. The lock is now set to your unique 5 digit code.

    * The combination change tool is not available separate. If lost or broken, use any steel tool. A small hex key works as well.

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