Customers often ask about the difference between available Puck (hidden shackle) padlocks.

  • Lockitt 40 series Puck Locks 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum lock body with a wide variety of cylinders. The standard cylinder is compatible with American lock standard keyway and can therefore be keyed alike to most American locks. We will also be offering our 40 series puck lock with Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ and ABUS cylinders. Our top choice Hockey Puck padlock
  • Masterlock 6271 is the economy version. A die-cast steel lock body with the cylinder integrated in the locking pin mechanism. A simple and effective design.
  • American 2500 has a much more complicated construction with a machined steel lock body, front located cylinder for easy access and spring-loaded locking pin . The back plate covering the locking mechanism is chromed and held in place with stainless screws. The front cylinder also has a spinning anti-drill plate. The 2500 can be permanently mounted on the right side of the #801 or #802 hasps.
  • TR100 by Mul-T-Lock, a Abloy company,  is made in Israel. Machined from a solid block of steel and fitted with probably the most secure cylinder / key system in the industry. Mul-T-Lock's patented Interactive key system offers the highest protection against picking and is compatible with any other Mul-T-lock padlock.

Hidden shackle puck padlocks are primarily used on trailer and van doors. A very secure solution when combined with a puck-lock hasp.

Puck Padlocks