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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to create an account and sign in?
A. No, absolutely not. You can checkout as guest. But creating a FREE account with us gives you access to reward points and special discounts on select products. Our system can only track points or assign special pricing when you have an account with us and are signed in. It's no different from that predatory company with a rainforest name where you also have to be signed in. Unlike them, we actually allow you to check out as guest (if you do not want the benefits)

Q. What about my privacy? What information do you keep?
A. See our posted privacy policy here. In a nutshell, we only keep and use your information pertaining to the order placed. We do not store any sensitive financial data on our servers and do not sell our customer's data.

Q. Your site shows -In Stock- or -Only One Available-. How accurate is this?
A. Very accurate. Our inventory feed updates approximately every 15 minutes.

Q. What exactly does -Low or no inventory- mean?
A. It can mean only one available but most likely sold out at this moment.

Q. The site says Free Shipping over $75. Why was I charged shipping cost at checkout?
A. Not all items qualify for free shipping and our Free Shipping option is not automatically applied to an order. If all the products in your basket are eligible, free shipping will be one of the available shipping options. It is your choice to select it or not. You may have a good reason to select a faster or more secure / traceable shipping method.

Q. Is shipping always Free on orders over $75?
A. NO, sorry. Exceptions to the Free Shipping rule are: items in closeout / heavily discounted, items with oversize (boxed) dimensions, items on which do not have sufficient margin and orders over 25lbs shipping weight.

Q. Do you ship outside the US?
A. We ship worldwide ever day (with restrictions). All international orders are manually reviewed and we will contact you if additional information is needed. We recommend opening an account with a US shipping consolidator like This will give you a US based address for shipping.

Q. Can I see my shipping cost before I place my order?
A. YES you can. Most orders within the 48 contiguous states have free economy shipping over $45 basket total (limit 25lbs). Place the item in the basket, click on Edit Cart / Checkout, click on Get Shipping Estimate
Pick or enter state, postal code and country and click on Calculate. 
The shipping estimator is reasonably accurate for most orders. However, shipping cost on larger orders will be manually reviewed by our sales team and adjusted if we can find a less costly way to ship.

Q. Do you offer free returns?
A. No. Free returns are not free just as free shipping is never really free. This click buy click return mentality is bad for us and ultimately bad for you and the entire world. Be responsible.

Q. Do you price match?
A. To be decided on a case by case basis but ..  generally NO!
We are a small company, carrying only high quality products and are serving our customers with a small and dedicated team earning a deserved living wage. Our prices are fair and our margin needed. Price wars and race to the bottom practices always result in lower standards & lower quality everything.
Sorry ... low quality is just not our thing ... and see our very generous loyalty rewards program.

Q. Can I order online and pick up at the Asheville NC store?
A. Sure you can. Just let us know, call or email or add a comment to the order so we can make sure we have the item available and set aside for you when you arrive. Some products show "in stock" on the site but could be in stock at another warehouse and not at our Asheville location at that moment.