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Replacement Keys

Important: Keys cut from code cannot always be guaranteed to work. Without the original key in hand, to compare cuts, or the lock available to test the newly cut keys, there is always a small chance something goes wrong. In the event your new keys do not work, we will work with you to find a fix. Images can sometimes help or, in worst case scenario, we may require you to send in the original key and the lock itself.

Replacement keys are not returnable or refundable. It is essentially a custom made product.

You need the key code to order spare or replacement keys for your lock. This code is either found on the original key or a key code card / tag that came with the original set of keys.
Numbers or any markings on the lock itself are NEVER in any way connected to key codes.
For ABUS Plus and X-Plus keys: If you no longer have the key code but have one spare working key left, you can send it to us for code deciphering.


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