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Replacement Keys

Lockitt.com supplies replacement keys for ABUS and Mul-T-Lock locks.

For ABUS Plus and X-Plus keys, you need the key code found on the original key code card that came with your lock. All other ABUS keys have a key code stamped into the original keys. Key numbers are NEVER printed on a lock.

ABUS Plus and X-Plus keys: If you no longer have the key code but have one spare key left, you can send it to us for code deciphering.

For Mul-T-Lock we supply keys for 206S Interactive and Interactive+ key systems.
Mul-T-Lock keys are protected and can only be ordered through registered dealers and locksmiths. Mul-T-Lock keys cannot be duplicated at just any hardware store. This is part of the high security level on Mul-T-Lock's line of locks.

If you purchased the MulTlock from us ( we need to find your name in our database) all you need to enter is the 5 letter and 5 digit code on the bottom of your key code card. The key code will look like DZABC 10321. If you did not purchase your Mul-T-Lock from us, you can still order replacement keys but you have to fax or email us an image of the code card before we can cut you key(s).

Keyed Alike Locks
In addition to spare keys, Lockitt.com also provides keyed alike lock sets or additional locks keyed to a lock you already own. Contact us for details.

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ABUS Z72 (U72) key ABUS Z72 key
ABUS Extra Classe Dimple key Abus Extra Classe key
ABUS Plus key  (6 or 7 digit)
ABUS X-Plus key  (mostly 8 digits)
Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ replacement keys
We can no longer provide replacement Keys for Cobralink Locks.
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