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From the choices above you navigate to ABUS, OnGuard, XENA, Kryptonite, Masterlock and Lockitt security chains. We are asked often about the differences between all the various brands and the sometimes huge price difference.

Most ABUS chain and locks are made in Germany and it shows. Some Kryptonite chains are Italian made and of the highest quality (just look at welding for instance) while others are made in China. As far as we know, all OnGuard and Masterlock chain and locks are made in China. OnGuard and Masterlock provide excellent quality for a great price. Kryptonite and Xena are one step up and ABUS the absolute best..

Unlike hardware store chains, all our security chains are hardened and weatherproof. You have a choice between round, square and hexagonal designs although the design is secondary to size. 10mm Hexagonal chain is great but a 14mm square is way stronger and 16mm round is just about the strongest chain you can buy.

Another major difference is end-link design or noose rings. Regular security chain, cut from a roll, will have all the same length links. This usually means (unless all links are elongated) that both end-links will have to fit onto a padlock shackle. Some ABUS, OnGuard and Masterlock chains have one longer end-link. This allows one end-link to fit through the other end-link and allows the lock to only have space for one link. As shown here.

A third design is the NOOSE chain. Noose design allows for a chain to be much shorter and less heavy. Typically you would noose or cinch the chain around an object and lock the other end to the motorcycle, scooter, generator or whatever you are locking up. Both ABUS, Kryptonite and OnGuard have Noose design chains available.

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