ABUS Vitess KIK - KIL Cylinder

ABUS Vitess KIK - KIL Cylinder
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    Product Description

    ABUS Vitess 1000 Series
    Key in Knob (KIK) - Key in Lever (KIL) replacement cylinder.
    Each KIK/KIL cylinder comes with 4 tail pieces

    Vitess is a premium quality Made in Germany 6 pin restricted key system with a multiple paracentric 3D curved profile, a profile control pin and anti drill protection built-in.
    High Security is achieved through a strict key control system preventing unauthorized key duplication.
    Each cylinder / key code is recorded in our database and every key order or additional lock or cylinder is checked against the database.
    Vitess duplicate or replacement keys are strictly controlled by ABUS and Lockitt and can only be ordered when registered or in possession of the original supplied security key code card.
    Key codes are always unique and never duplicated. 

    Vitess cylinders are available for RIM, Mortise, KIK/KIL and ABUS 83 padlock series applications, making it possible to keep all locks in a building or organisation within the same high security key system.

    Ordering Options:

    • KD (keyed different) has a unique key code, 2 high grade restricted cut keys and a key code security card. If multiple cylinders are ordered, each will have a it's own unique key code, keys and code card.
    • KA (multiple units keyed alike). The set consist of one unique key code cylinder and one or more matched cylinders. The entire keyed alike set comes with 2 keys unless more keys are requested.
    • KS (custom pinning) is for one or more cylinders pinned to your existing key code. Enter your Vitess key code in the # notes field. The cylinder or set comes with one cut to your code key. Order additional keys when needed.

    ABUS KIK - KIL cylinders are compatible with most standard door knob or lever locks. The supplied tail pieces are usually sufficient but some modification of a particular tail piece may be necessary.
    KIK cylinders can also be mounted in many KIK ready padlocks.

    Contact us at sales@lockitt.com if you have any questions.

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