ABUS ConHasp Granit 215/100 with 37RK/70HB100 Padlock

ABUS ConHasp Granit 215/100 with 37RK/70HB100 Padlock
    Close ABUS ConHasp Granit 215/100 with 37RK/70HB100 Padlock

    Product Description

    ABUS ConHasp (ConLock) 215/100 Freight Container Hasp with massive Granit 37RK/70HB100 padlock & Secure Plus key system.

    This absolutely massively German made container hasp and lock combo is indestructible with any known hand tools. If you are using a sea-freight container as storage or transporting valuable equipment or merchandize, you may want to consider installing this door hasp & lock. Secured through the container doors with 2 huge 24mm (15/16") threaded rods, both sides of the hasp come together to fully encapsulate the ultra-strong 14mm (9/16") special long shackle Granit 37RK/70HB100 padlock with high security Abus Plus key system. ConHasp is supplied complete with lock only at this time. Full and comprehensive installation guide in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian and Fin is included as well as a drilling template. Drill, hole-saw and wrenches needed to install are not included.

    This hasp can also be fitted to sliding doors or any double (van/trailer/barn/warehouse) doors providing a minimum space of 270mm  (10.62") is available and 25mm (0.98") holes can be drilled all the way through.

    The special long version 37/70HB100 padlock can be supplied KD (keyed different), KA (keyed alike) if multiple hasp/lock sets or purchased or you want the lock keyed to another Abus Plus padlock or MK (master keyed) if you want each operator with a separate key but still want access to all locks.

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