Lockitt 40 series Puck Locks are US made.
Corrosion free Aluminum versions are machined from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and can be fitted with a wide variety of cylinders.
Our standard 6 pin cylinder, fitted with security pins and anti bump technology, is compatible with the American lock keyway and can therefore be keyed alike to most American locks.
The KIK version can be fitted with Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ or ABUS cylinders while SFIC version can be fitted with your choice of SFIC cylinders.

Hidden shackle puck padlocks are primarily used on trailer and van doors. 

Flat back or Stepped (cut out) back?
A flat back puck lock is used best with the installed PL770 or PL775 door hasp. Flat back puck locks are optionally available pre-drilled and threaded so the lock can be permanently mounted on the hasp. The lock stays on the hasp when the door is opened.

Do not use a flat back puck lock straight on trailer or container closing arm hasps.
If you want to use a puck lock straight on the closing arm brackets, use a Stepped Back Puck Lock. The ledge on the back of the lock can provide extra security against twist attacks.

Puck Padlocks