Kryptonite Stronghold above ground security anchor

Kryptonite Stronghold above ground security anchor
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    Product Description

    Kryptonite Stronghold #330202 is similar in fold flat design to ABUS WBA100 (ANAB03303) but much smaller in both footprint and shackle opening. The base plate is secured by 3 expansion bolts. This is actually a well made small anchor with a full D shackle (meaning it has to be cut twice).

    Installation is simple. Mark and drill 3x 5/8" holes, drop the supplied anchor bolts in, mount the anchor plate and cap the Allen bolts off with the supplied ball bearings and caps. Attach the cover and that's it .... you have installed a secure anchor point.

    Kryptonite Stronghold is large enough to secure most chains up to 14mm link diameter.
    Included is one anchor assembly with cover, 3 expansion bolts with cap-off steel balls and caps. Allen key and masonry bits are included as well as instructions.

    • 16mm - 5/8" hardened steel shackle
    • 3 expansion bolts
    • Convenient 'drive-over' design
    • Masonry bits included

    Inside shackle dimensions: 50mm x 64mm -  2" x  2-1/2"
    Anchor base dimensions:  19 cm x 4.2 cm - 7.5" x 1.65"

    Q: What is the difference between this Stronghold anchor and the TORC which cost twice as much?
    A: For one thing, the TORC (ANPS7500) is way stronger with a 21mm shackl and a much beefier base than the Stronghold. TORC anchors are hand-made in the UK while the Kryptonite is a made in China product.

    Q: Is this anchor removable if I ever move?/em>
    AA: No it is not. The only removable anchor by design is the Double Doofer (ANPS7800) made with the same high quality standards as the TORC.

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