Pragmasis 16mm Protector chain, compared to its 19mm sibling, is a huge weight saver without losing much security level. As with the 19mm chain, this 16mm - 5/8" gauge chain will defeat just about any manually operated bolt-cutter. No "bolt-cutter resistant" wordplay here either.

If a high security chain is what you need but you want to keep the weight down as much as possible, 16mm Protector is the chain to have. As always, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link so we prefer to combine this Protector chain with ABUS 37/80 or Squire Stronghold SS65C padlocks or the very compact but ultra strong RL21 ROTA-Lock

More information, images and additional lockup possibilities are shown on our Protector Chain Page

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16 mm Chain