ROK Pack Straps 42" Fluo Green

ROK Pack Straps 42" Fluo Green
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    Pack Strap Fluo Green (Part Number ROK 10307)
    A smaller version of the 18 to 60" Adjustable ROK Straps, Pack Straps are 42" long and only 16mm - 5/8inch wide. Part strap webbing, bungee cord with unique flat design, a quick release buckle and sewn loops at each end. Available in Black or bright Neon Green. This is the one travel accessory you cannot be without and once you use a ROK strap you will never again use a regular bungee cord.

    • Unique flat, tough shock cord minimizes pressure on goods, reducing marking, damage and roll-over
    • Solid core of 100% natural rubber, which offers the best blend of tear resistance and oxidization, and extends the working life of the strap way beyond that of multi-fiber cores
    • Unique 'double stitching' ensures that the strap and buckles stay firmly together, minimizing the chances of breakage and recoil
    • Tough interlocking buckles last the distance and are gentle on your goods and paint work - reduced scratching and recoil
    • Tight-knit polyester braiding for greatest fiber strength, U.V. resistance and wear resistance, and to further protect internal rubber from deterioration
    • No metal in straps, so there's never the chance of rust stains or damage to your bike's body

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