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Lockitt Rewards

Because loyalty should be rewarded

Our Lockitt-Rewards program is generous, simple and straightforward.
There are no membership tier levels to achieve and no membership fee to pay.
Just shop with us, create your account and receive 1 point, for every dollar spent, in your Lockitt Rewards account. 
Looking for a product not yet on our website? Send us a quick message via our contact page and we will add it if we can.

What do you get?

  • 10% value credit on your purchase(s) available in your account. Basically $1 credit in your account for every $10 purchased.

How does it work?

  • You need to create an account at checkout or log into your account. Without an account, we have no way to assign accruing points to you.
  • With few exceptions, all products on earn rewards and every product page shows the amount of points that can be earned.
  • Points are awarded on orders placed (per item) and remain pending until the order shipped. If you order 3 items and only 2 items shipped, the points on those 2 items become available to you.
  • Minimum 100 available points (or a $10 balance) are needed to redeem your credit.
  • There is no upper limit on points earned ... want to have 10 million points? Be our guest :-)
  • Your points credit balance is available at checkout (when logged in) as a full or partial payment method. You can choose to use your credit balance or not.
    Example: You accumulated 500 points and have $50 credit balance. A new purchase of $75 can be partially paid with your points balance and the remainder with a payment method of your choosing.
  • Returns/refunds are obviously deducted from your balance as well as canceled orders.
  • Obviously, only purchases made at are eligible to earn rewards ... seems silly we had to add this line in but .. yeah we have to.
  • IMPORTANT: At this time, Lockitt Reward points are set to expire after 365 days so ... come back soon and talk to us if you think your next purchase will be after your points expiry date.

As always, here at Lockitt-Cyclebitz we are open to feedback from you, our valuable customers. Let's hear it ... contact page top right corner and type away.

Here comes that legal, we do need to cover ourselves, blabla ....
We reserve the right to make changes to our rewards program, or cancel the program in it's entirety, at any time without prior given notice.