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Bull-it Jeans

Why Bull-it Jeans?

Bull-it jeans has an innovation track record matched by no other brand of protective riding gear. First in the world to achieve CE Level II in 2013 for a motorcycle denim jean. Vertically manufactured from polymer – through filament yarn – into spun yarn – delivering super lightweight fabrics for jeans and motorcycle racers.

Bull-it partners with Covec materials to develop innovative, high performance impact and abrasion resistant materials, specifically for motorcycle use. 

On Testing and Rating Standards, CE levels and AA & AAA, what does it all mean?

Most manufacturers or brands will have some kind of safety rating on their product label and it can get quite confusing. The latest standard is the new CE EN17092, attempting to make ratings more consumer friendly, with performance ratings B, A, AA and AAA.
Submitted fabrics and garments are subjected to tear and abrasions tests, among others. The abrasion element of the test originally used KPH as a unit of performance to underpin the level achieved.
For example AAA was equal to replicating a slide at 120KPH (74.56MPH), AA 70 KPH (43.49MPH) and A 45KPH (27.96MPH). The intent behind using KPH as the unit of measure was admirable, giving the end consumer a real life idea of what he was buying. As in AA rating being good for a slide at 70 kph or 43 mph.
However, that number is not always correct once a persons weight and road conditions are factored in.
For current testing, the unit of measure switched from KPH to RPM, So the abrasion test is now carried out at RPM from 265 to 775, A to AAA.
All to say, we should take the A through AAA ratings on product labels with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, a double or triple A rated garment is going to protect you Way A LOT More than your average pair of jeans which will literally disintegrate at first contact with any hard road surface.
In our opinion, AA is the minimum you should have on you between the road and your skin. AAA will give you protection similar to leather.