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Pragmasis - Protector

Have you ever looked really close at the available security products from major brands here in the US and wondered if they will actually secure your motorcycle, expensive bicycle, boat, generator or other valuable item you want to protect? If so, the answer is they usually don't. With the exception of premium brands like Abus, Mul-T-Lock, Pragmasis or Squire, the vast majority of all locks, chains, cables and anchors available in stores are made in China or Taiwan with quality levels ranging from mediocre to outright bad.

Enter Pragmasis, a small UK-based outfit with a strong focus on quality and ethical manufacturing. Their range of Protector chains (available in 11, 13, 16 and 19mm) and hand-made TORC anchors simply leave all competitors in the dust; thieves too for that matter. All Protector chains are manufactured from high quality European steel with top notch welding and heat-treated in small batches to Pragmasis specifications. Each and every batch is tested to ensure the chain meets the intended high standard. Compare this quality to other big name brands who usually don't even know where in China their product is made, let alone under what, if any, quality control. Pragmasis Protector chains are often confused with Almax brand, both being from the UK and having somewhat similar products. These are not Almax, and we believe the Protector chain is better.

  • 11mm Protector chain provides lightweight protection for lower-level but ultra portable security needs.
  • 13mm Protector chain already sets the standard high while still maintaining a good level or portability.
  • 16mm Protector chain is absolutely bolt-cutter proof but becomes cumbersome to carry.
  • 19mm Protector chain, our top level and the most secure chain to be found anywhere. Not portable at all.
  • Torc floor and wall anchors are pricey until compared to other mass produced anchor points. Cut and welded from high quality steel, no forged parts, heat-treated and supplied with the highest quality hardware. "You get what you pay for" has never been more true.

More information, images and additional lockup possibilities are shown on our Protector Chain Page

If you are looking for a combination of several chains and locks, email us at for a personalized quote.

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