Double Doofer Removable ground-anchor

Double Doofer Removable ground-anchor
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    Product Description

    As with all Pragmasis products (Protector chains, Torc Anchor), uncompromising quality and strength are center stage. Hand crafted in Great Britain, this unique removable anchor is no exception.

    Double Doofer has two heavy 8mm (5/16") hardened steel D bridges, welded respectively to a massive base plate and cover. This allows the anchor to be mounted without capping off the 4 anchor bolts (most anchors have the anchor bolts capped off with ball bearings). When a security chain is inserted through both overlapping bridges, the top bridge and bolt-cover can no longer be lifted to access the bolts. In order to be effective, the chain needs to have a tight fit with the inner bridge. Too much slack could allow forced access to the bolts. Several specially cut Doofer Daptor plates are provided to use as filler if a smaller chain or lock is used.

    Double Doofer is large enough to accept the 19mm Protector chain with a really tight fit while the 16mm Protector chain may require a 5mm Doofer Daptor plate. 2 filler plates are required with the 13mm chain and so on.

    Hi quality hardened steel, anti-corrosion treated and beautifully powder coated as usual. This product is supplied with all hardware, including drill-bit and hex tool and comprehensive install instructions.

    Questions you may have.
    Q - I see some anchors priced elsewhere at less than half price. What is the difference?
    A - This is not a cheaply made in China product. As is the case with Torc-Anchors, Double Doofer is hand-crafted in the UK in a relative small factory by people earning a living wage. All materials used are top quality and each unit goes through a rigorous QC program.

    Q - Can I install this anchor in asphalt - black top?
    A - Simply NO. You cannot install any anchor securely in asphalt or other soft surface. We have a "bury in concrete" version Torc Anchor available.

    Q - Do I need a removable anchor?
    A - That is entirely up to you. If you live in a rental unit or plan to move, you may want to consider taking the anchor with you when you leave.

    Total height: 76mm - 3"
    Base dimension: 155x155mm - 6"x6"
    Max inside horizontal clearance: 70mm - 2-3/4"
    Max inside vertical clearance: 45mm - 1-3/4"
    Bridge steel gauge (x2): 8mm - 5/16"
    Number of anchor bolts: 4
    Removable? Yes
    Hardware included? Yes

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