Protector 11mm Boron Steel High Security Chain

Protector 11mm Boron Steel High Security Chain
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    Protector 11mm - 7/16" Long Link Security Chain

    On those occasions when weight is an issue (think bicycle ride) or only a medium security solution is required, for instance to lock up tools, small equipment, bicycles, ladders, lawn furniture etc., the 11mm hardened Boron steel security chain is a great alternative to larger 16 and 19mm chains. Many times stronger than steel cable, this security chain will resist hacksaws, prying tools and standard size bolt-cutters.

    Apart from the high quality boron steel used and the very specific high level heat-treatment, all Protector chains also have much longer links than conventional chains. Not only does this eliminate unnecessary weight, crucial for bicycle use, it also allows many more lock-up possibilities than just both ends of the chain in a padlock. Any end-link can be inserted into any chain link anywhere in the chain (cover needs to be removed) or, as shown in the image above, one end-link can be inserted through the other end-link so higher grade padlocks can be used. Protector chains are all about quality. Look at our chains, next to China made products (pretty much all chains on the market these days), and you will notice the quality difference.

    More information and additional lockup possibilities are shown on our Protector Chain Page


    Link Gauge: 11mm -  0.43"
    Outside Link Length: 84mm - 3.30"
    Outside Link Width: 42mm - 1.65"
    Inside Link Clearance Length: 62mm - 2.44"
    Inside Link Clearance Width: 20mm - 0.78"

    Weight of 1.0m chain: 2.1kg - 4.65lbs

    * All of these dimensions are nominal and they can vary a little from batch to batch. If you are particularly tight in terms of the precise link dimensions or the precise length of a chain, please contact us and we will do our best to clarify from current inventory.

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