Torc Ground Anchor 20mm D Shackle

Torc Ground Anchor 20mm D Shackle
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    Product Description

    Our newest and absolute top of the line New Torc Ground Anchor.
    Made in the UK, this well built anchor leaves all competitors in the dust.

    Torc Ground Anchor features a 20mm (0.79") hardened full D shackle, held in place by a 12mm (1/2") thick steel plate bolted or chemically welded to a concrete floor, brick wall or steel truck or van floor.
    What makes the Torc Anchor so strong is the massive full D ring which will have to be cut twice in order to be defeated. With a zinc phosphate finish followed by a tough powder coating, this anchor has one of the best corrosion protections.

    Torc Anchor cannot be cut with a hand operated bolt-cutter no matter what size cutter. If cut with a grinder or torch, 2 cuts need to be made before it is defeated and pulling it out of the concrete floor is virtually impossible when properly installed with anchor bolts or the advanced chemical resin capsules. When installed correctly into solid concrete, resin achieves a much stronger bond with concrete than mechanical solutions.

    Torc Anchor has 3 different mounting kits available.
    Standard Kit: Includes 4 expansion bolts with steel cap bearings (as used in most other anchors) for use in concrete, brick wall or other more porous surfaces.
    Chemical Resin Kit:  Includes 4 special bolts, 4 chemical resin capsules, steel cap bearings and comprehensive instructions.
    Van & Truck: For truck / van floor mounting with special break-away bolts.
    Both Standard and Resin Kits are supplied with the right size masonry drill bit and a tube to clean out the drilled holes (a crucial step when mounting a ground anchor)

    Choosing between mounting Standard or Resin?
    If your floor or wall surface is porous in any way, go with Standard expansion bolts. One additional measure you can take with all standard expansion bolts is adding extra bonding material (found in any building materials hardware store). Products like Liquid Nails and the like will do a great job. Resin capsules can only be used in good quality solid concrete. When installed right on a solid surface, there is no difference in security level between standard or resin install method. 


    Shackle Steel thickness: 20mm or 35/32" (0.79")
    Base plate thickness: 12mm or 1/2"
    Base plate L - W: 140mm x 94mm or 5.51" x 3.70"
    Height when folded flat: 30mm or 1-3/16"
    Maximum vertical shackle clearance: 68mm or 2-11/16"
    Maximum horizontal shackle clearance: 100mm or 3-15/16"

    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 1 Reviews
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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Very Secure Strong Big Floor Anchor! , 3.3.2017
    Reviewer: Dennis McElhaney Sr (Visalia, CA)

    I use this with the titan 22mm security chain, and the ultimate Squire padlock. The chain fits perfectly through the solid BIG THICK D ring! Guys, this floor anchor is well thought out, and top quality! I would recommend this to all! Awesome floor anchor!