ABUS Replacement key Wafer Style double sided

ABUS Replacement key Wafer Style double sided
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    Product Description

    Choose your key profile from the drop list (first letter(s) and 2 digits on your key)
    Enter the 4 or 5 digit key code, stamped in your key, in the text field code

    Abus wafer keys are special ordered from ABUS. Allow a shipping delay of up to 4 weeks.
    Replacement keys cannot be returned or refunded

    ABUS replacement key with letter codes F72, NW52, NW54, NW72, ML54, T72, T82, U72, U73*,U74, V61, V62, V63, W72, Z72, Z73 followed by 4 or 5 digits.
    (More letter codes exists and ABUS continuously adds more. If you have a different letter code and your key looks similar, email us through the contact form on this site

    *IMPORTANT on U73 keys: Apparently there is a series of U73 keys with wrong codes stamped on the key. When ordering a U73 cut key, we need you to send us a clear image of your key, showing the key cuts.

    This type of key is used in many mid range ABUS products. The following Abus locks use this key but other locks may as well.

    Coiled cable locks (Microflex) 490, 585, 590, 660, 670, 690 and Cable locks Primo 580, Protago 820, Catama 870, Iven 8220
    Steel-O-Flex 800, Centuro 860, 900, Iven 8200, Ivy 9000.
    Steel-O-Chain 810, 880, 910, Iven 8210, Ivy 9100, Catena 680, 685 and 92W
    U Locks 32, 34, 43 and 46.
    Buffo - Provogue 300, 305 (not tubular) and Trigger 330 brake disc locks.
    Bicycle Frame locks Amparo 485, 495, 4850 and Protectus 5000.
    Multiloop cable lock 210

    ABUS T82 keys are also used in Currie Tech's iZip electric bike battery case.

    New (2011) Bordo 6000, 6500. Older Bordo locks (Pre 2011)locks use a Dimple Key which can be ordered here.

    The above list is a selection to the best of our knowledge. Abus constantly brings out new products and discontinues others. Email us if your lock is not in this list.

    Compare your spare key with the image above. Your key may be shorter or slightly different looking.
    Choose your key profile from the drop list, enter the key number found on your original key or key code card

    The key number will never be on the lock. Without the key number we can't order replacement keys.
    In most cases, the key code will start with a letter.


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