Heat-Troller Single Portable SPCOAX

Heat-Troller Single Portable SPCOAX
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    Product Description

    Warm & Safe Heat-Trollers are true pulse-width modulating controllers, famous for their high quality and reliability.
    This is not an old-fashioned rheostat. Heat-Trollers cycle current on and off in seconds, depending on the setting you choose. They do not heat up and actually reduce amperage draw, on your electrical system, when turned down.

    SPCOAX stands for Single Portable Coax controller,
     - 'Single' means you will control your heated gear as one single heat zone. For instance, gloves are connected to the jacket sleeves and both jacket and gloves are controlled as one single zone. In order to control gloves and jacket separately, you need a dual controller (or two separate controllers).
     - 'Portable' because you will carry this controller on your body.
     - 'Coax' means it is setup to work with the round coax plug standard found in pretty much all brands of heated clothing. Yes, you can use this controller with your heated gear if it has a coax connector.

    SAE, the flat 2 prong plug found on some battery chargers and older heated gear, is an other widely used connector. We have an adapter available to use this Coax controller with SAE gear or, if you want to power this controller straight from your Battery Tender SAE battery harness, we have an adapter for that too.

    • Use PAC-038 to connect SAE clothing to a Heat-Troller or modern coax heated gloves
    • Use PAC-039 to connect a Heat-Troller to a Battery Tender battery harness

    Technical Specifications:
    Size - 1.5" x 2.25" x .85" in or 38 mm x 57 mm x 21.5 mm.
    Comes with battery harness with covered fuse holder.
    Use this controller with heated liner, pants and gloves, with coax connector, up to a maximum draw of 15 amps.

    This model is intended to be portable (not permanently mounted on your bike).
    A Belt Pouch is available.

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